Creating a Fire Pit

Firepit Infographic

As homeowners continue to spend more time at home and elevate their outdoor living spaces, make sure you capitalize on the trend. Fire pits are very popular and relatively easy to install. Good design is of the utmost importance - be sure to plan out the project carefully and ask customers what they want out of their fire pit. You should know the amount of people they'd like to host in the area as well as how big the outdoor area is to work within.

Sizing Guidelines

As noted above, there are different sizes to choose from depending on customer needs. If customers want to be able to put their feet up, pits should be around 12-14 inches high. If the edge is to be used as a sitting wall, ensure the walls are at least 18-20 inches high. For larger groups, the fire pit should be six feet wide; for smaller groups, they should be around three feet wide.

Efficiency and Safety Tips

Make sure the area you are building on is level before fire pit construction. Ensure you're building with natural stones or pavers that are safe to use for fire pits. Fire bricks are the best practice choice for the inner wall, but many choices can be used for the outer wall. Do not use concrete, as this can have air bubbles inside and can potentially explode. Use fireproof mortar to build the wall and ensure there is enough airspace between the two walls.

Installing a steel fire ring to line the interior is another safety measure. These are filled with heat absorbing lava rocks and sand that prevent the fire pit from crumbling as well as provide extra support for the overall structure of the pit.

Wood burning pits need to be deep enough to comfortably hold multiple logs. Gas fire pits need a stainless-steel gas ring. This piping is how the gas is released within the pit and comes in many shapes to fit your customers' aesthetic and needs.

Ensure there is at least 10-20 feet of clearance between the pit and any surrounding structures for safety. That applies to trees also, as fire pits can significantly dry them out. Additionally, abide by all local codes.

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