Update on Water Rebates

You've likely heard about water rebates that are being made available in some areas. A year or so ago there were only a half dozen states that offered these rebates, and now there are 240 rebates being offered across 19 states. And the list is expanding all the time.

In an effort to help with water conservation, many cities, counties, water authorities, water districts, and states are offering rebates, discounts on water bills, or vouchers for homeowners to upgrade their landscapes and irrigation systems. The incentives apply to xeriscaping, removing turf grass and replacing it with drought resistant plant material, installing rain sensors, smart controllers, pressure regulating heads, pressure regulating zone valves, rotator nozzles, ET collection devices, sod buyback programs, and the list goes on.

This presents a huge opportunity for you to go back to your existing customer base and market these incentives. Homeowners can now upgrade their landscapes or irrigation systems and receive an incentive from their water authority, which will result in a much more water-friendly landscape or irrigation system and realize long term water savings.

Now is perfect time of year for contractors to promote these water savings programs. Why? Many of these incentives only last until the funding runs out, which usually happens mid-season or certainly by the end of the year. This time of year is when many municipalities issue new rounds of funding for these water conservation incentives.

What a great way to sell more to your existing customers or acquire new customers. Or maybe you're looking to jump start the season in many areas where spring is slow to show up. Just make sure you're the ahead of your competition promoting these water conservation rebates to homeowners.

You can leverage a water rebate database provided by SiteOne, containing of all the water rebates we can find, to see if there are incentives in areas where you work. SiteOne is continually adding to this list so if there's currently not an incentive where you work, keep checking back because new incentives are popping up all the time.


- California: Rebates are continually being added.
- North Carolina: Cary has been added with a sod buy back rebate.
- Colorado: Another state that continues to add rebates.
- Massachusetts: Just added four new cities.
- Wyoming: Another new state to offer water savings rebates.